Using your GlowSaber



The GlowSaber is a device designed to teach middle school students an introductory class on Physics with emphasis on electricity and micro-controllers.

THIS IS NOT A TOY. It can be used as a custom prop and as an ornament. It can also be used to perform with it. It is not designed to be used to fight with it. The poly-carbonate blade can get loose if it is hit repeatedly. And it can deliver a powerful blow, similar to a baseball bat. Be careful when you use it.

If you got an assembled GlowSaber

If you got an assembled GlowSaber, chances are that the poly carbonate blade is not attached to the handle. The process to attach it is very simple. Use the included Allen wrench to loosen the top screws in the handle. Insert the blade gently until it stops. About four or five inches should go inside the handle. Tighten the screws, specially the one at the top of the switch assembly. Your GlowSaber is now ready to be used.

Start Sequence

To turn it on, first move the main slide switch at the bottom of the switch assembly (picture) from left to right. It will take 3 or 4 seconds before it starts. When the processor is ready it will play the first few notes of the Star Wars theme and the red LED in the assembly will turn on.

Once the LED is on, you can press the light button momentarily. That will start the sound and light of the GlowSaber. To turn the light off, press the light button again. Once the LED is on you can turn on and off the light saber without moving the slide switch. The tunes will play only the first time you turn the light on and off. Afterwards it will only make a sound showing that it is turning on.

To put the GlowSaber away make sure that the slide switch is all the way to the left position and that the red LED is off. Watch the next video for a full show of how it is done.

The color selector dial between the slide switch and the light button is used to control the color of the GlowSaber light. When turned all the way to the left it is in accelerometer mode. As you move the GlowSaber the color will change. Moving the blue button to the right will cause that the color is fixed. The sequence of colors is: Blue, Green, Cyan, Red, Purple, Yellow, -and Emerald.

Replace the batteries

  1. Carefully remove the lid at the bottom of the GlowSaber. You can use a thin screw driver blade to pry the lid open. Be careful not to mar the bottom of the handle or the lid
  2. Disconnect the battery holder. The battery goes underneath the printed circuit board (PCB), that is the side without components.
  3. Pull it out of the body of the GlowSaber. The battery connector is a 9V battery standard clip.
  4. Replace the batteries.
  5. Reinsert the battery holder and put the connector back. While reinserting the battery holder make sure that the battery go under the PCB (the side without components)