How do I get my own GlowSaber?

While we are not selling individual GlowSabers (and it is not our intent to), we are making 10 GlowSabers available as a limited release for those donations over $1000.

If you would like your own, or make your own from scratch, join our IndeGoGo campaign HERE!

What does a GlowSaber class contain?

GlowSaber classes will receive:

  • Curriculum deck
    • Deck Presentation
      • Online
      • Powerpoint
    • Curriculum Script
    • Curriculum Notes
  • Materials for Lesson Experiments (reusable; one per student + teacher)
    • Breadboard
    • LEDs
    • Soldering Set
  • Materials for each GlowSaber (one per student + teacher)
    • PVC saber handle
    • LEDs
    • Accelerometer
    • Audino Microprocessor
    • Clear plastic saber blade

Can I preview the curriculum deck before I purchase?

You can see a small preview for some of the slides here: Example Deck

Who is the target audience for GlowSaber classes?

GlowSabers is for anyone wanting to learning physics while getting to build their own saber.

Class material will include a curriculum script and additional notes aimed to teach students grades 6 – 10 + up.

Outside of educational institutions and foundations, we recommend GlowSabers for:

  • Science and Art Camps
  • After school programs
  • Boy/Girl Scouts
  • 4-H Groups
  • Robotics Clubs

And just because the course is aimed for student grades 6 – 10, doesn’t mean older students won’t have just as much enjoyment!  So get your course today!

How does this differ from programs like LEGO Mindstorm?

Like LEGO Mindstorm, this program will teach students basic circuitry and programming with hands-on learning.

Unlike LEGO Mindstorm, this program students also teaches students the basic physics about light, sound, and electricity.  Each students will learn circuity and programming by working their very own GlowSaber.  There’s even one included for the teacher!

I’m sold, when/where can I get one?

Right now we are only raising funds for the pilot program.  If enough interest is shown, we will have a second campaign for country-wide distribution.  In the second campaign you’ll be able to pre-order your class, but we need to raise funds for the pilot first.

This pilot program will allow us to polish up the curriculum and companion script and notes, ensuring that the GlowSaber program you receive will be the best it can be!

Thank you for your interest and we hope you’ll help us achieve our goal of inspiring the next generation of engineers, scientists, and designers.  Please help us spread the word!


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