Our Mission

As technology becomes more entrenched in our everyday lives, the need for scientists, engineers, and designers increases. Unfortunately, current educational programs and extracurricular activities are not inspiring enough young men and women into these careers.

Although most students do not declare their major until the end of their first year in college, many of them are already bound to the choice they made as pre-teen or teenager. To help foster a generation of young adults ready to tackle the challenges of a career in technology, kids need to be introduced to science at an early age.

Since many children are only aware of the small number of occupations to which they are exposed — such as doctors, actors, teachers, politicians, and whatever it is their parents and relatives do — exploring new occupations is a great way for students to realize the many career paths available to them. Hands-on experimentation allows students to learn about an occupation while experiencing it at the same time.  Our goal is to interest students by making it fun to learn.

According to the California Department of Education, there are about 1,400 public educational institutions in the state of California, harboring over 1 million students grades 6 to 8. If we can inspire even .1% of these students per class, that translates into more than 1,000 additional students choosing to pursue science, engineering, and design in undergraduate institutions in California alone. By partnering with educational institutions and foundations, such as the Alameda Education Foundation, we hope to reach students and parents early to grow and spark interest in the scientific fields.

Unlike traditional teaching methods, our innovative approach simultaneously teaches students technology, design, and engineering while they create a project out right out of pop culture. Students grades 7-10th will construct their own working GlowSaber swords, all while learning about electronics, light, sound, design, and programing.  By getting hands on experience building their own GlowSaber, students will be able to better relate to applied science, physics, and engineering, motivating them to pursue more advanced projects.

Having tested and completed 6 different GlowSabers, we have developed a curriculum that introduces students to the field of physics, engineering, and design.  We have a pilot program scheduled with the Alameda Education Foundation this Fall where we will lead two classes with 12 students each.

To ensure that the pilot program is successful, GlowSaber Physics needs $15,000 to fund the acquisition of the materials required to build the GlowSaber and create a workstation for each student which will include required items like a soldering station, multimeter, hand tools, prototyping board, assorted electronic components, etc. The goal will then be to start promoting GlowSaber Physics across the SF Bay Area, then across California and beyond.

With your help, our team will conquer the challenge of introducing students to the amazing world of physics, engineering, and product design.  Help us prepare today’s teens for tomorrow’s technologically driven world.

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