GlowSaber RGB LED assembly

The GlowSaber uses a Vollong 3 watts RGB LED. It is very bright and more than enough to light the length of the blade. When designing the GlowSaber I found that I needed a way to connect the LED to the main PCB and I designed a LED break out

In the picture above you can see the LED as it comes from the factory. In the lower left corner is one mounted in the LED breakout, and to in the lower right corner there is a focusing lens. The later is very important because without it the light will shine mostly to the sides and not enough above the LED.


The LED requires two connections per color, one positive and one negative. In the picture above it shows the breakout on both sides.


This picture shows the LED ready to be inserted in the PVC housing of the GlowSaber. I used a piece of acrylic tubing 1″ outside diameter to protect the LED and the focusing lens and make it easy to mount.


Vollong 3W RGB LED This is the site of the RGB LED manufacturer

http://Super Bright LEDS And this is the site of the vendor I use to get the LED’s. They also sell the focusing lens